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Johannes Brahms

Fantasies op. 116 no. 1-7

Epilogue: Bernhard Stockmann

79.00 €

Facsimile of the autograph, hardcover
5 color print / Special Year Award of the German Music Publishers Association

Pages: 32 (VIII, 24), Size 33,7 x 27,3 cm
Order no. HN 3210 · ISMN 979-0-2018-3210-4

This facsimile edition of the manuscript of Johannes Brahms’s Fantasies op. 116, nos. 1–7 for piano solo is bound in red linen. The five-colour print reproduces the autograph, which was acquired in 1926 by the present-day Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Carl-von-Ossietzky in Hamburg, and is housed in the Brahms Archive. The facsimile is not only valuable owing to its high-quality workmanship, but also due to its detailed, scholarly afterword by the editor Bernhard Stockmann. In 1997, this facsimile print was honoured with the German Music Edition Prize. Specialist journals praised this edition as “a real treasure in typographically unsurpassable reproduction quality”.


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